Queen soo ae in new sbs drama 2015 (mask )

��_�뺻����_2015-05-08_13;05;34 71084576.1_99_20150506085905 3543814765_6ed8509f 3543814765_8fe56a37 3543814765_40f2ebb3 3543814765_65a7f3d4 3543814765_a9c46039-1 3543814765_b6ae8d6f 3543814765_a6211f64 3543814765_d0de917a-1 web_2041982272_43a47a0a 3543814765_504d17be 3543814765_76485d66 3543814765_3a5f3105 3543814765_3e135c12 3543814765_3d4a1f48 web_3718258098_02e378ce_1 3543814765_c14b78bb web_2041982272_0039caed 3543814765_365e5824 3543814765_6dbd9390 2950070615_f877887a 237724387_bd067b48 237724387_4661ad81 237724387_b8ab7867 237724387_4d52e56dwelcome back for queen melodrama soo ae .

first episode began 2015/05/27 in sbs channel .

I can nt wait see her .

fighting .


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